With several Subsystems deployed in orbit, SpaceTech has become a heritage supplier and can provide attractive solutions, both technically and financially, for a range of satellite subsystems.

Our subsystem product range includes in particular:
  • Deployable solar arrays
  • Satellite structures & MGSE
  • Electronics
  • Propulsion systems

The design, manufacturing, qualification and delivery of these systems has become a cornerstone of SpaceTechs activities. Initially mainly active in the export market, we now are more and more selected for national, and ESA missions, as the solar arrays for Sentinel 5 Precursor and EUCLID demonstrate.

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solar generator tmbSolar arrays

With a focus on depoyable solar arrays, for LEO and other science missions



formosat 5

Satellite Structures & MGSE

Metallic and carbon fiber structures. MGSE from subsystem to satellite level





core avionics overview



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Layout Propulsion SystemPropulsion Systems

Coldgas propulsion systems, quasi linear (PWM)

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