Solar Arrays

With several systems delivered and in orbit SpaceTech has developed into a provider of solar arrays systems ranging from deployment mechanisms for pre-defined deployable solar array structures to complete systems including photovoltaic assemblies, deployment mechanism and electronics ready for the integration onto the customer's spacecraft. In order to ensure compliance with the customer's mission needs, the design of the solar panels includes structural/thermal design and analysis activities for the substrates as well as electrical design and analyses work for the photovoltaic portions. For the power performance analysis, in-house power simulation tools come into application.

Controlled, unsynchronized multi-hinge deployment of solar arrays by STI benefit space missions with...

  • Simplicity
  • Light weight
  • Low cost

Spacetech satellite multi hinge solar arrays

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 Key features of STI solar arrays

  • Exceptional fill ratio (85 %)
  • Highly cost efficient
  • In-house panel manufacturing
  • NEW since 2018: automated cell laydown

Deployable solar arrays

  • GökTürk-2 - launched 2012
  • FORMOSAT 5 - launched 2017
  • Sentinel-5 Precursor - launched 2017
  • C-Sat - delivered 2017
  • JASON CS /Sentinel-6 - delivered 2019
  • Imece - to be delivered 2020 (solar arrays with automated cell laydown by STI)
  • Formosat-7, multi-panel - to be delivered 2020 (solar arrays with automated cell laydown by STI)
  • Momentus Vigoride 1, first flight models of novel solar arrays with automated PVA laydown and multi-hinge deployment mechanisms for Vigoride 1 satellite: successfully been tested and delivered

Body mounted solar arrays

  • SARah - delivered 2018
  • Space IL - launched 2019
  • EUCLID - to be delivered 2019
  • LapanA4 (Indonesia) - to be delivered 2019 (solar arrays with automated cell laydown by STI)
  • York Space Systems - to be delivered 2019 (solar arrays with automated cell laydown by STI)
Space project examples


Euclid Solar Panels and Sun Shield

SpaceTech was selected to build the solar panels and the sun shield for Euclid.

s5p artist image

S5P Solar Array

SpaceTech has developed and delivered the Deployable Solar Array Panel (DSAP) system for the ESA mission Sentinel-5 Precursor under a contract by Astrium U.K. Ltd.

SpaceTech PVA equipped CFRP panel 240x240

Solar Array for SAR satellite

SpaceTech was selected by Airbus DS as supplier of the solar array for their SAR satellite

Formosat 5 Artist Image

FORMOSAT-5 Solar Array

FORMOSAT-5 is an earth observation satellite mission with a ground resolution of approximately 2 m, realized as a Taiwan domestic development.


Göktürk-2 Solar Arrays

Against strong international competition, SpaceTech has been awarded a contract by the Turkish government institute TÜBITAK UZAY to deliver the GökTürk solar array system