SpaceTech Aero Space Respirator ASR

SpaceTech ASR 01 PR 2021 3 9The Aero Space Respirator was originally invented to mitigate hospital overload situations under conditions like the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As the overload situation is rather a question of availability of personal than of ventilators in industrial countries the scope changed: The major goal now is to support developing countries with a low-cost ventilator in the frame of collaborations on the technical and medical level. While fulfilling all needed requirements, the ASR can reduce not only costs by the invention of a new simplified functional principle but also reduces maintenance effort and offers high robustness.


SpaceTech ASR development

In spring 2020 we started the ASR development at SpaceTech and were able to already successfully ran tests at University of Gießen in summer, comparing the ASR prototype with well-established ventilators.
Today we go following paths of development:

  • ASR for medical training and education: Due to the easy to understand working principle of ASR operation combined with the extensive development and outfit of patient simulation, the ASR seems very suitable for training of medical professionals in the field of mechanical ventilation.
  • ASR for developing countries around the world: In fall 2020, we decided that the ASR will be mainly offered to countries with need for more equipment in their public health sector.
  • ASR for small children and newborn ventilation (German and European market): In addition to the target group of developing countries worldwide, we are now also focusing on a different target group as the special SpaceTech ASR design seems also well-suited for the ventilation of “small patients” – also in the sector of newborn ventilation. For that reason, we are now pushing the cooperation in the direction of this development with pediatricians.

Benefits of the SpaceTech ASR

The ASR is built with only standardized commercial off-the-shelf parts that have good availability at high volumes and can be delivered by alternative suppliers. These parts are well tested due to many fields of application. That are the reasons why the SpaceTech ASR delivers several benefits compared to other ventilators in the market…

  • attractive cost-performance ratio
  • simple and robust design
  • quickly available
  • low power consumption
  • low maintenance

SpaceTech ASR features

The final and fully licensed version the ASR will provide the following features:

  • Patient range: Adults and adolescent (test number 1-8, EN ISO 80601-2-12), neonate adjustments under investigation (test number 9-21, EN ISO 80601-2-12)
  • Modes: Invasive Ventilation (IV): Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV); Weaning support with patient triggering; oxygen therapy or emergency; Pressure Control (PC) and Volume Control (VC)