[1. Nov 2014]

2014 11 01 FrankGillesExecutiveBoard

The GRACE FO LRI Project Manager and longtime friend and colleague of STI CEO Bernhard Doll, Frank Gilles, is now becoming part of the Executive Board of SpaceTech. Congratulations!

[25. Sep 2014]

2014 09 26 Anniversary

On the special occasion of its 10-year anniversary, STI invites for a 2-day Open Door event.

On the first day, dedicated to STI's business partners and, guided tours and presentations are organized,giving insight to the new office building, the clean rooms and facilities. The most prestige projects of the last 10 years are presented and the most succesful and sophisticated products of STI's portfolio are exhibited.

On the second day, the doors are open for the wide public, attracting the audience with a brass music band and a light buffet. Hourly presentations and fresh poster walls allows for the STI employees to explain and enthuse the visitors with its prodcuts and missions.

The good weather and the total number of guests make this day a succesful event.

[1. Jul 2014]

2014 07 01 IsmbIncorporation

STI incorporates ISMB Forster GmbH key personal, extending the portfolio in structural dynamics.

[1. Jun 2014]

2014 06 01 CarboSpaceTech

Foundation of Carbo SpaceTech, extending the portfolio in carbon fibre technology