STI solar arrays with multi-hinge deployment mechanism ready to fly

SpaceTech’s multi-hinge solar arrays for Momentus Vigoride satellite shuttles

The first flight models of our novel solar arrays with automated PVA laydown and multi-hinge deployment mechanisms have now been successfully tested at the STI headquarters. The qualification of the first Vigoride flight set is therefore completed. With this project, SpaceTech and Momentus are approaching the new space market with this reliable, light-weight and highly cost effective solution.

Insights of Momentus Vigoride

Momentus Vigoride in-space orbit transfer services carry 250 kg for a single satellite, 700 kg payload mass in total. Payloads can be moved from ISS orbit all the way up to 2,000 km on Vigoride. Vigoride can be launched from an ESPA or ESPA Grande ring, from ISS airlocks, or from almost any small dedicated launcher or larger rideshare vehicle.

The applied solar arrays for Vigoride consist of 4 solar panels and yoke with 5 XS hinge axes on the wing for deployment. All solar arrays are built in-house, utilizing the panels of our daughter company Carbospacetech and the automated PVS laydown.

Momentus Vigoride background information

Over the last years, STI has developed a novel multi-hinge deployment mechanism technology suitable of a wide range of solar array sizes from less than 0.5 m² (XS) to more than 6 m² (XL) per panel. Salient feature of the mechanism is the controlled unsynchronized deployment using C-spring hinges of standardized sizes, enabling robust, lightweight and cost-effective solutions for various solar power needs. This technology is - together with our automated PVA laydown technology - greatly enhancing the market for our products. With it we were able to already acquire several contracts ranging from news space to highest reliability institutional missions and Vigoride is now the first to be delivered.