Mission for global satellite-based internet reaches next milestone: OneWeb launch 3

At STI we are proud being part of the OneWeb mission success with already 40 small satellites and therefore 80 of our innovative booms flying in orbit. Tomorrow March 21st, 2020, we will be witnessing the next milestone of this exciting project - launch three of another 34 satellites enlarging the net. Step by step the OneWeb mission is going to build up its mega constellation, aiming for a dense network of small satellites in LEO, making access to internet for everyone worldwide possible, regardless of an area’s ground infrastructure.

You can follow the launch via streaming on these OneWeb social media channels: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. {source: www.OneWeb.world)

Commemoration for OneWeb

OneWeb uses this event to commemorate the late Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who made history 55 years ago. He became the first person to exit a spacecraft and walk in Space. Honoring his name and celebrating his achievement, this is theme for the third OneWeb mission launch.

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