OneWeb Satellites awards SpaceTech for outstanding performance

All our hard work on the ambitious OneWeb Satellites mission for a mega constellation of small satellites, allowing for global internet, results in two great news:

  1. The next 34 launched satellites are all working perfectly fine – our deployment mechanisms performed as well as expected.
  2. On February 11th, 2020, SpaceTech has been awarded by OneWeb Satellites as best small company performer, being one of over 100 suppliers on the project. All in all, they awarded 7 companies for their outstanding performance. We feel honored and are proud of our innovative, smart, super-fast and low-cost solution, especially for this project. Once again, we see this path being confirmed as the right track of our future in the evolving and changing space industry worldwide.

SpaceTech airbus oneweb best small company performer award

Thank you OneWeb Satellites – Thank you STI team!