OneWeb GEN1 – next step for global internet

Thursday, 6th February 2020 - Tonight, the next 34 OneWeb satellites will be launched with a Soyuz medium-lift launcher by Arianespace. This, being a milestone of the Airbus OneWeb (AOS) mission for a mega constellation of small satellites, allowing for global satellite-based internet.

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OneWeb mission goal

The AOS mega constellation will provide high-speed, low latency services (3G, LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi coverage) to a wide range of sectors, such as aviation, maritime, enterprise, backhaul services, community Wi-Fi, government, emergency response services and more. OneWeb’s most important goal however is connecting schools and bridging the digital divide for people everywhere.


About one year ago, on February 27th, 2019, the initial 6 OneWeb satellites had been successfully orbited. These 40 build the base for the planned mega constellation of 900 small satellites being put in the Low Earth Orbit until 2021.

Witness the Soyuz launch start today 10.42 pm in the live stream of Arianespace's youtube channel >