Sentinel 6/JASON-CS

On December 4th, shipment of the second set of solar arrays for the Sentinel 6/Jason-CS Satellite B left the SpaceTech headquarters. We delivered the solar arrays to Airbus Defence and Space, where the containers arrived safely in the Airbus cleanroom. Being a milestone to the work of the joint project team, all flight hardware under STI responsibility is now delivered.

For STI, the Jason-CS is another successful solar array project that will be finished on time, on cost and -most important- on quality!

SpaceTech jason cs solar arrays2 stack sti cleanroom   SpaceTech jason cs solar arrays2 delivery

SpaceTech jason cs solar arrays2Sentinel 6/Jason-CS solar arrays: picture 1) second set for satellite B packed at the STI clean room, picture 2) final delivery being loaded at STI headquarters for transportation, picture 3) flasher test of first delivery of STI solar arrays on satellite A at the Airbus clean room

Sentinel 6/Jason-CS satellite AIT and launch

The shipset for Satellite A was already delivered in April this year. The solar array was successfully mounted to the satellite structure by Airbus. Satellite A currently undergoes its environmental test campaign and is scheduled for launch end of 2020.
Satellite B is in assembly at the moment and the solar array will be mounted within the next months.

Sentinel 6/Jason-CS mission details

The Jason-CS mission is part of the Copernicus program and continues the ocean topography missions started in 1992. Jason satellite altimetry data provides sea surface and wave heights for determining ocean circulation, climate change and sea-level rise. These measurements are necessary for ocean modeling, forecasting El Niño/La Niña events, and hurricane intensity prediction. The science objectives include weather, water and climate research.