1800 SpaceTech deployment mechanisms for OneWeb satellites

SpaceTech is proud to announce that we were selected by AOS (Airbus OneWeb Satellites) to deliver 1800 deployment mechanisms for the solar panels of 900 Airbus OneWeb satellites.

OneWeb mission goal

The AOS mission is aiming for a mega constellation of satellites to allow for global broadband internet: Affordable access to information for everyone everywhere - throughout all areas, even in the very rural ones that barely have access to internet nowadays.

The first 6 pilot satellites have already been built at Airbus in France - following production will be in the USA. Due to SpaceTech’s flexibility, we were able provide AOS with a QM development of the flight hardware of the carbofibre deployment mechanisms for the solar panels of 10 pilot satellites within only 3 months. They have already been delivered. Thus, SpaceTech proves once again its suitability for the New Space Market, being an experienced, flexible and highly cost-efficient space SME and reliable partner.

OneWeb launch

The first six pilot satellites have been launched successfully this February.
The launch start of the mega constellation is planned for beginning of 2020.