The SpaceTech complex includes all kind of workshops and laboratories for Assembly, Integration and Testing of satellite systems :

  • 2 Cleanrooms (ISO class 8)
    • 118 m² floor space, mainly used for assembly and integration of larger structures
    •  78 m² floor space, mainly used for instrument and component AIT activities
  • Optics Lab
    • Located in cleanroom (cleanroom tent), separated with lock
    • 3 optical tables in clean room tent
    • Various optical light/laser sources
    • Various optical/electronic measurement devices
  • Thermal Lab
    • 20 m² floor space, used for ambient pressure test and solar simulator tests
  • Electronics Lab
  • Mechanical Workshop
    • CNC milling machine ROBODRILL Modell Alpha D21MiA5
    • CNC turning machine DMT CD 282
  • Shakers and Shock Tables

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